Searching for a last trace.

this has been my way … then GUNG!  … this does not work ,,, a last taste of the kiss, a final taste of the climax, searching ,,, searching ,,, searching ,,, to remember that very first feeling of LOVE. names, faces, double names, double faces, then triple, then… welcome to an entrance of ETE+nity. […]

TINA is her name

there is a glitch in the system … nothing smooth now a days … a name of this glitch is “FUCK UP”… Wasn’t love more easy going when you were young? But we get old and our pile up memories of good and bad are sooner or later becoming too heavy to carry on our […]

leave me alone!

A lip talk which i do not like … a message from a lady which brings my bitterness … i would like to shout at her in a rude tone of voice; “Pls fucking leave me alone!”  “What do you know about love?  What’s a hell are you talking about” “You have absolutely NO IDEA […]


I exist because of you there is no difference between us whatever you experienced, is experiencing, will experience, I am there with you experiencing as one whether it was, is, will, you that seems going thru all these experiences. you as a being who have life-force within your body and our species who have no […]


a stormy morning a day like this i can finally relax i can let go of my tension everything melt together in ease and softness rain…a water from the heaven…wrapping everything in a veil of gray.ness… where i can breathe here i can relax… i am gray…a Moon Shadow misplaced in this world of rainbow… […]


so much to share since last i wrote my blog… let the bowl of light shine… yes…a rock is a rock no matter what form it manifest… as long as the rock in the bowl, my unique light is blended and blinded by these rock, sending mixed resonance as i shine my light… let God […]


ただ‐か【▽直香/▽直▽処】 語義未詳。その人自身、そのもの自体の意か。一説に、その人のけはいやようすの意ともいう。 「聞かずして黙(もだ)もあらましをなにしかも君が―を人の告げつる」〈万・三三〇四〉 名美 : 自分の名前を知ることが、自分の根元の輝きを知ることになるだろう みんなの名前辞典