If I could draw a picture…

what a reality do I choose to live myself into? Am I vibrating so low, therefore my reality sucks? Look at myself in a mirror, I get shocked looking me in my reflection … how stressful I look…therefore even they did not show up inside the store… WHAT’s a heck happened yesterday and today? What […]

Mental world

Is it all about cognition in this ream? Whether we could relate with others or not… if cannot, then you are out. Are we here to blend in? Or are we here to be unique being, accepting our “being-ness” without trying too hard to fit in? I feel very much out of space. What did […]

Nothing better say, better not to say?

Is it? If there is anything good to say, is it better to not to say anything? Or even if I am complaining, is it good to say someth9ing? Or is it because I am vibrating in a lower frequency, am I stack in a separation and duality? What’a heck am I creating this reality? […]

still is

what would be like to live in a bubble where truth and non-truth have no significant differentiation? where one truth and all truth constantly echos each other, yet a boundaries of good and bad are no longer presence, yet i found myself still confronting to make a point of what i believe and how i […]

This feeling again

when and why do i start wearing this sad mask? this feeling again… as i drove by ¬†your place, thinking to complete laundry, putting your clothes and towels into dryer cycle. then in a drive way, your truck is there… it is a mid day, you are supposed to be working… as you always says, […]

Inner world / Outer world

How many of us actually live balanced inner and outer worlds? Drawing a line of between two worlds, place one person here, and place others there. It’s heartbreaking. Is there any breakthrough, letting us free out of the box, live a normal life? A crack of Humanity, if you fell into this, how could you […]

Slipping away

Do you have this feeling as if you do not belong wherever you are? You are there, yet you are not blending in. As if you are out of a circle, left alone, no matter what you do, still you are so alone without a hint of what is going around. Even be in a […]