This feeling again

when and why do i start wearing this sad mask? this feeling again… as i drove by  your place, thinking to complete laundry, putting your clothes and towels into dryer cycle. then in a drive way, your truck is there… it is a mid day, you are supposed to be working… as you always says, […]

ReSetting our 1000 Days

Do you remember when we met? You said something about keeping a diary of our first 1000 Days? I smiled back say why not … I started … but I started all by myself … I choose a name of our blog, something like “1000Days” {as a fact, couple of hours prior to writing this, […]


I exist because of you there is no difference between us whatever you experienced, is experiencing, will experience, I am there with you experiencing as one whether it was, is, will, you that seems going thru all these experiences. you as a being who have life-force within your body and our species who have no […]


a stormy morning a day like this i can finally relax i can let go of my tension everything melt together in ease and softness rain…a water from the heaven…wrapping everything in a veil of gray.ness… where i can breathe here i can relax… i am gray…a Moon Shadow misplaced in this world of rainbow… […]


so much to share since last i wrote my blog… let the bowl of light shine… yes…a rock is a rock no matter what form it manifest… as long as the rock in the bowl, my unique light is blended and blinded by these rock, sending mixed resonance as i shine my light… let God […]


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia According to Hindu mythology, ashvattha (Sanskrit: अश्वत्थ, IAST: aśvattha) (or Assattha) that is, the Sacred Fig, is a sacred tree for the Hindus and has been extensively mentioned in texts pertaining to Hinduism, mentioned as ‘peepul’ (Ficus religiosa) in Rig Veda mantra I.164.20 . Buddhist texts term the tree as […]

I am in a process of …

The Source brings us whatever we need at this moment for us to grow and be wise. ソース(源)は、今この瞬間、わたしたちの成長のために必要な経験を見逃すことなくもたらしてくれる。 Meeting and attending Bill Heinrich was exactly like that. マイソウルフォーカスのビル・ヘインリッチさんとの出会いもまさにそれだった。 When Mind/Body/Spirit align in harmony, we are the force of Manifestation. マインド・ボディー・スピリットのアライメントが調和するその瞬間、わたしたちはまさにマニフェステーションの波動そのものになる。 To be so, patience and intention is the key. インテンションを投げかけ、辛抱であること、それが鍵。 “I am in a process of […]