This feeling again

when and why do i start wearing this sad mask? this feeling again… as i drove by  your place, thinking to complete laundry, putting your clothes and towels into dryer cycle. then in a drive way, your truck is there… it is a mid day, you are supposed to be working… as you always says, […]

Inner world / Outer world

How many of us actually live balanced inner and outer worlds? Drawing a line of between two worlds, place one person here, and place others there. It’s heartbreaking. Is there any breakthrough, letting us free out of the box, live a normal life? A crack of Humanity, if you fell into this, how could you […]

Slipping away

Do you have this feeling as if you do not belong wherever you are? You are there, yet you are not blending in. As if you are out of a circle, left alone, no matter what you do, still you are so alone without a hint of what is going around. Even be in a […]

ReSetting our 1000 Days

Do you remember when we met? You said something about keeping a diary of our first 1000 Days? I smiled back say why not … I started … but I started all by myself … I choose a name of our blog, something like “1000Days” {as a fact, couple of hours prior to writing this, […]

Searching for a last trace.

this has been my way … then GUNG!  … this does not work ,,, a last taste of the kiss, a final taste of the climax, searching ,,, searching ,,, searching ,,, to remember that very first feeling of LOVE. names, faces, double names, double faces, then triple, then… welcome to an entrance of ETE+nity. […]