…won’t it be nice if we could live this life as if we are living in a fantasy world of happy ever after like a fairy tale?

_ae_3753-1All is good and perfect in the beginning, then we fall… fall hard… fall deep.. .and somehow, like a falling angel who lost her wings, we hit hard, then land on a school called “Life” … this hard.knocked.super.fanfucking real life of countless broken hearts … how could we go on while keep experiencing this gut stabbing pain and struggle? … thou we are still here …

Could we all laugh together with a middle finger pointing to the skies and shout “Look! We made it!”?

…only if we could remember how this all started, then, could we stop crying and begin smiling?

Like a merry.go.around…this life is like that…Be Happy … so how, what, who, where, whom … go on …

Naoka aka infinite dreamer




4 thoughts on “About

  1. The truth I find is that my experience here in this realm is my creation. every second I have a choice and am choosing. when we tune into exactly what we are choosing then watch out baby… we can sit back in great amaziment and sensation or what ever we choose orchestrating our bliss in every direction with full support by all that is, which is I. we’re doing it right NOW

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