a view point…

How many ways to view thru …?

Does it relate to age which define our narrow point of view or is this simply what we are in custom to …?

How could I change the way ?

Or am I stuck the way I am?

I was hiding and eating today at my work.

A packing butter rich croissant kills me … I get so hungry just smelling it… I bet I could eat entire box full of JUMBO … all five of them!

…and here… small three is left unpacked …

I have been licking whipping cream or nibbling strawberries here and there so far… but this morning, I am way starving … I gotta eat … ONE does not hurt, but then Two left… cannot leave them like that… THREE or NONE… I hid myself, hoping no-one is watching me thru security cameras… or no one shows up when I am nibbling…

A first one was on my way to a produce section… with my mouth wide open…walking back array…

Then, next… while I was preparing almond topping… then again, the last one, hiding and eating…

Why am I striving myself?

Why am I always talking about “NEEDS”?

If I could leave a space of “needs”, will my perception shifts or not?

If I EAT, and if my stomach is satisfied, will my perception open wider?

If I feed enough good nutrients to a gut, will my micro organism get calmer and satisfied?

If I do take care of them, will my mind become sharper? or get smarter?








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