Nothing better say, better not to say?

Is it?

If there is anything good to say, is it better to not to say anything?

Or even if I am complaining, is it good to say someth9ing?

Or is it because I am vibrating in a lower frequency, am I stack in a separation and duality?

What’a heck am I creating this reality?

Was I happy when I was cleaning? Or not?

Was I happy working in an environment where full benefit and future promise is laid by?

Am I even happy?

What’s a heck am I so irritating unable to find a sync with my environment?

Is it age difference?

Is it sex?

Is it because I am sucking in an emotion of alpha male who does not like what is going on in the house and unable to be free and comfortable in the house?

What is it?

Where am i belong?

What should I be doing and being?

Aroma of food prepared in the kitchen is nice and welcoming?

But is it true?

Am I welcomed here?

Or is it a foundation of egoistic self, unable to find peace with whatever going on in my life?

What’s a heck am I repeating this cycle of outreach, contamination, dirty, dusty, unclean environment?

What is in me which is unclear and unable to release whatever the emotional bandage I surround myself with?

How uncomfortable I am in a presence of women… how I act and speak unattractive around ladies? What is a heck am I learn to be this way?  Why am I pretending to be less than who my essence is? How long am I going to play this role?  Why am I so uncomfortable in this environment?  How am I looping in this mental game of stress, frustration, irritation, anger, unpeace?

Make a tea not a war…

Who says this?

Selflessness vs Selfishiness

How much of selfishness are we needed to balance ego/Ego/mindfulness?

Is this simply, I have no defined, and open emotional center, sacking in all the vibe around me and amplifying them?  Making me un, peaceful person?

Am I running away from my safe heaven?

Or am I withdrawing from a vibe which makes me uncomfortable?

TRUST LIFE… Let Life Move Thru Me…?!

Do I know a feeling of trusting?

Do I even understand a sensation of letting life move thru me?

Am I even capable to do so?

I wish I know the timing of when to move and when not to move…

I wish I become sync with my environment… so that what flow around me becomes how I dance with life?


What am I talking about?

When was a last time I even dance?

What’s a heck am I talking about teaching YOGA?

What’s a pretender!

Or is pretending is the way to be the best of who I am?

Knowing when to speak and when not to speak… Knowing HOW to speak and HOW to align myself with people around me? Even where to begin to learn this life’s basic skill of humanity and weaving of dairy life?

Why am I keep typing this?

Am I ignoring a person who are in this house sharing a space?

Or am I simply observing what is going on around me therefore my cognition would kick in to determine what is really going on here?

If my going deeper is a mental contemplation, without succession, isn’t it time to change a way of being?

What would I like to be?

How would I like to be?

Raining again… but it has been so clear and blue … a shift, a change, a transition, a curve, a turning point???

Every path we walk is a correct path of infinite choices…

Where is my anchor?

Is my anchor align to my heart/

Is my anchor pushed by fear and restlessness?

What would it like to be a person like Christina who says can maintain Love and Above vibrations 24/7?

Hikari lives there/here all ways always, doesn’t he?

A place of high vibe where magic is constant, natural, and the way…

He lives here…

Who is this I creating a separation from younger generation?

A shade…

A shadow…

Gratitude… or not…

Am I living a life of gratitude?

Can I say YES to it?

Or am I simply pretending?

What would it feel like living in a moment?

Heartbeats at the time?

Do I feel my heart echoing with mother earth?

Am I still pretending?

Where is my VOICE?

Raining… again… Are we still cleansing and healing?

Are we done with this?

What would it like to live a life of constant JOY?

Do I even remember the feeling of it?

Do I even remember this?

How far am I fall from the heaven?

How uncomfortable here is to be a human being …

Why am I living in a figure of “STRANGER”? … a gap of thick walls surround me…. ?

Or Am I simply amping up a vibe of my surrounding unable to justify where my stands are?

Where do I go from here?

How could I find myself here?

Am I writing a song again?

Then, why don’t I begin singing?

Where am I going from here?

What am I dong here?

A land of strangers…

A no place to hind but bear the consequences of being a stranger…




















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