still is

what would be like to live in a bubble where truth and non-truth have no significant differentiation?

where one truth and all truth constantly echos each other, yet a boundaries of good and bad are no longer presence, yet i found myself still confronting to make a point of what i believe and how i would like to be treated…

why a reality of gap exists?

is it simply a … a paradox of our own making … where sub-conscious conditioning is wrapped by density of a cloud which stand against the light of all knowing all seeing?

in a lake of stillness… do we able to pursue to live the life of what our heart desires?

do i able to hear my own heart beating in this moment?

does my mind calm enough to hear the sounds of core being?

what does my heart desires at this moment?

it does not need to be complicated… simplicity … a room of my own … laughter … music … heart weaving conversations … meal sharing together … freedom to say what i would like to say … fun … joyful … sunrise …

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