Inner world / Outer world

How many of us actually live balanced inner and outer worlds?

Drawing a line of between two worlds, place one person here, and place others there.

It’s heartbreaking.

Is there any breakthrough, letting us free out of the box, live a normal life?

A crack of Humanity, if you fell into this, how could you retrieve from that?

Maybe, having a Retriver pup would be an answer.

Because, addiction does not help, sex does not do a trick either, neither drugs, aggressive shopping or over thinking… none of these do a trick.

It’s like a bad dream, keep coming back.  We already know the ending, then, why are we still stepping into a same relation?  You must be kidding me.  Some says it’s a karma. No way!

Isn’t this enough, being in this place?

Unable to relate, unable to connect. . . letting power all out, dying inside, drying up, empty.  Why do we continue this anyway?

The end is near, and it is good . . . why not at least smile and say, it was just a dream?


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