Selfless – hypothesis

In science, a hypothesis is an idea or explanation that you then test through study and experimentation. Outside science, a theory or guess can also be called a hypothesis.

the sun, the moon, the planets and stars … a soup of neutrino  ocean.

Know Thyself

…then, hypothesis would be a chapter to write.

Observing myself as if someone’s shadow was an old way of observation.  With this view point, sooner or later, all I see in me is a shadow of someone else who is an achiever, a leader, a successor, a person who loved by all… and i felt i am just a shadow of them … mmm… then, remembering a shadow of the Peter Pan … what is going on ?

So, if going this rout reach to the same conclusion no matter which ways or what directions my cognition reach to its understanding, then, HYPOTHESIS would be an interesting chapter to write with a scene of SELFLESS.

How could I be selfless?

Go work as a caregiver of kapuna, elderly well respected people?  This requires patience, clients first, repetition, daily routine, constant movement, conversation, willing to understand and listen closely, and most of all I am required to calm my short temper.  But am i taking this joy so I can make money?  OR am I willing to place myself in this shoe so that from my heart, I serve?

Selfless … like a mother care for her infant child.

Today is MOM’s birthday, he says.

A short note of happy birthday, then, picture of her captured by her granddaughter, then, sending a picture of her rainbow boy, then, her reply.  “He is my sunshine!” BINGO!

A simple difference of very first and original VIEW point generate entirely different character in this person, in this case HE.

She sees him as SUNSHINE.

I see him as SHIT.

HEHEHEHEHEHEHE…. such a tragedy!

So, how could I be a position of SELFLESS?

…a short and simple, I tell you, KEEP CAPTURing her SUNSHINE boy’s pictures then keep shooting them to HER to make her heart sing and dance.

Isn’t that so?

MMMMM… I am still tasting a water of self.justification and hidden expectation of returning reward.



“a·non·y·mous” …let us start from this point






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