Searching for a last trace.

this has been my way … then GUNG!  … this does not work ,,,

a last taste of the kiss, a final taste of the climax, searching ,,, searching ,,, searching ,,,

to remember that very first feeling of LOVE.

names, faces, double names, double faces, then triple, then… welcome to an entrance of ETE+nity.

You are in the New Game now.

… what ever the way, how ever the way, who ever the way, when ever the way, WHOM WE Ever LOVE the Way …

“knock, knock, knock,”

“who’s there?”


“NA who?”

“NA is “T(he)” Whom I/We First Ever Rise In Love .”



>> A direction of which the core of your being merge with the Elemental VOID, The WOMB of MA (MOTHER) in (Y)our ALL BODYies; all the way thru and beyond the Di.body. “Hey Hum, Shall We Dive? “<<<


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