ReSetting our 1000 Days

Do you remember when we met?

You said something about keeping a diary of our first 1000 Days?

I smiled back say why not …

I started … but I started all by myself … I choose a name of our blog, something like “1000Days” {as a fact, couple of hours prior to writing this, I deleted it to make a space for a freshness to welcome freshness }

I even find myself trying so hard to remember his co.workers’ and friends’ names, so that I could write about them and what was the day like in our or say my blog.

I kept going whenever I could plug myself into the cyber space… write, write, write whatever fingers wanted to transcribe…

Just like that … only for a while, then no motion to continue on …

Then, I remembered, even as a child, I was mostly alone… then, I remembered when I cut my left leg, between knee and ankle, inside, deep, what i remember was a pinkish white meat and not too much running blood … felt so odd, not seeing the blood especially cutting this deep almost seeing bones … then, I felt a drop of my consciousness went into the tree … as if she is saying; “I like to be alone, because, when people are around I feel uncomfortable the way they look and talk about me.  So, the TREE, I give you a part of me, so you as me, as a human version of me, you can watch, stay close, listen, feel, smell, taste, embrace people, okay TREE?

May be that is why I am mostly alone and this feels natural … nothing much going on, mostly in my Ajna and Head activities, mostly writing, something dancing, playing instruments, eating, drinking, sleeping, watching, ah, my favorite listening the MUSIC.

WOW…almost letting go of walking, bicycling, climbing, swimming, surfing, diving, but I still like to FLY high and visit many places on this planet where I meet and make friends, eat, drink, dance, and laugh together, then to the nest destination … HALLEY! won’t that be grant?

Then, I remembered you.  “What could / should I do about you?”… An exact same quote was once spoken to me, then as an echo, I repeat …

“What’s a heck you (still) here? What shall we do dear?”

…a past due hallelujah comic, his time passing by, actually it is not only he so does she as well,,,  their time past due, missing time, missing spaces, intentionally missing and ignoring, or wait, SABOTAGE is the word I was (am) looking for.

Hanging on a thin paper of the Sabotage in a soup of Eternity … where most of memories has been remembered, majority of experiences have been repeatedly repeated, maximum of emotional waves has been inputted and serge of energetic feelings have been outbrusted, and mental capacity has been wiped out clean and clear… then, thou, however, they are still here … “What heck has happen here?”

“What else could we possibly can to Re.Membering for?”

Who’s writing this script?  Is this a new game?

“You told us about 1000 Days and since your 1000 Days have been past due and over, why don’t I give us next 1000 Days?”

Am I still playing this game?


Am I finally letting go of myself to the embracement of ETERNITY LOVE?







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