desire, effort, longing

who could say that i ┬áneed ┬áto belong to someone or some thing who could say that being alone too much is not good for me i am comfortable being alone i like a feeling of love that want to be but cannot be together i like love that seeing happy faces and happy people […]

Seven Sacred Seals

(image from the Gene Keys teaching (c) dear angels please give me a courage to express please guide me to use my VOICE to express clearly what I am here for please show me how to speak so that other understand me please show me how to TRUST Speak my truth…speak my heart please dear […]

love unconditionally

because i am seeing you through eyes of expectation… because i am seeing you through mind of labeling… i am closing my heart…not loving you unconditionally… in my head, i expect my space to be zen like in my mind, i wish you to be someone who is health conscious interested in evolution of consciousness […]

no more

no more… why am i containing myself? too many restrictions because of fear too many Nos and Don’ts because of painful experiences no more… who cares? why shy away from love? why am I create a habit of withdrawing from love? it is easy to see…it is your fear and anger put me into this […]

fade away

It is not what name I choose to call myself It is not what nationality I choose to label myself fading away… everything that is not align to my true essence… fading away… pain…sorrow…anger…disappointment… No matter what names people call me upon. it does not matter. No matter how people sees me, it does not […]

old frined

life crosses energy meshes why here? why now? do we meet? just to share memories? just to share love? what are you showing me, my old friend, my dear reflection? you are my reminder to be grateful no matter what you are my reminder of greater being you are my reminder of living one’s dream […]

slipping away…

life slips away… no matter where i am… this feeling remains deep within me… isolated…insecure… unable to find a verbal connection with people…always watching how i speak, how i interact, how i am unable to commune with others with words, with emotions, with intellects, with heart… isolated…insecure… no matter where i am…i am alone…