Shama Shaman could you show me the way? Right Angle Cross of The Four Ways (33/13 | 24/44) is echoing in me~ ONLY Here and ONLY Now No way to know No costume to put on 2nd Line day~ Maybe others see me better~? World seems upside down~still~ and may be this is the way […]

some how i knew

some how i knew~ some how i saw the storyline~   infinite dreaming~ no thing is good or bad… no thing is better or worse… just simply is   one decision one step then a flow has been set~   one decision one step then an encounter peaks and hides~   i felt it~ to […]

try to prove~

why was i~? trying to be someone else? why was i trying to achieve something? be better at? be recognized? be good at? why was i trying to sell myself to you? to gain your love? to be your only love? to be your happy ever after partner? if it is not in my script […]

trust love trust heart

not others not what others are saying to me have Faith and Trust Love allow TIME to heal Forgive incorrect actions I took Forgive wrong decisions I made Forgive myself and all others Forgive US Forgive resentment Forgive anger Forgive judgment Forgive expectation trust Heart trust LOVE have faith in this LIFE Surrender to all […]


remember? it is all backward   how forgetful i am~ it is all backward   simply listen without opinion simply listen without reaction just listen   it is all backward and it is all reflection   trust faith courage lack of it it shows up in the dreaming field   trust faith courage learning it […]


It has been a while I have been tasting this, as if I am outside of life. I know it is impossible to be outside of life, yet circumstances around me seems preventing the way my body naturally moves as if I am placed in a wrong space. Timing feels off as well. ┬áIn uncertainly, […]

why why~

why why you~? watching reaction of this mind why why you~? are you crazy? texting me like this? why why you~? don’t you know my heart? you keep coming back to this dreaming~ different time different face different age different sex, race, culture, circumstance, dimensions~ you keep coming back to this dreaming why why you~? […]