all we need is love

Go deep Dive deeper the voice says Stay in the surface that we cannot tap into the truth… All is energy… See the weaving… How the grip of MATRIX is strong yet there is a space, a void that we can be free… Breathe Be still Trust the HEART…the sixth sense… It is all here… […]


  Here we go again SHIFT Is it because I sense it before it happens then I am dreaming about it? or Is it simply a vision of Infinite Probability which I taste and experience, then the mind is dreaming the senario in 3D hologram? … it does not matter though… Change and shift are […]

from the star

(image by amy sol) andromeda from the star ~ andromeda a piece of me ~ andromeda who has bravely in her mind ~ time to come back to the heart dear it is all right to surrender into love let go you can let go now

lovers loch

(image by amy sol) Ah… Sweetness Pure Heart’s fragile and precious Love ~ Through you, I feel every and all Love that I had been, have been and  will be experience… ~ Time-less, space-less, sweetness of Happy~Ever~After~Fairy~Tale… ~ All I want is melt into your arms feeling your heartbeats beat together with mine… ~ My […]


64の遺伝子の鍵 全人類がアクセスしている魂の進化への鍵 〜 4つの大きな贈物 それがわたしたち ひとりひとりの開いてゆく扉 〜 自分の贈物を知る 贈物の可能性を開きながら生きていく そうすることで自分の輝きが深く浸透してゆく 〜 ひとりひとりの美しいホログラフが鮮明になること それが 無限の愛を生きること それが 完全なる愛の世界への変容

Law of Sympathetic Resonance

  At the core of the remedial measures used in Jyotish is the understanding that karma, which is the root cause of suffering, is impressed on the causal body in the form of vibration. The upayas (remedial measures) of Jyotish seek to impact the karmic impressions by introducing sympathetic vibrations. The principle by which many of these upayas […]