painfree life? how about…

Life of NO COMPLAINTs? If your first awaking thoughts are still negative mood… (such as complaints and/or desire to CHANGE someone to the way I like), will it be possible to awake enter to the dimension where blissful and happy are vibrant?

…chilling out

So, I asked, “how chill out I could be?” Before was, like, “ya… i am chilled” and felt satisfaction with it, but now is like, “hey…how much more deeper (wider) could i actually chilled out?” feel like falling back foreva!


…so what is the Higher Life, then? …mmm… A ROMAMTIC LIFE?! …MMM… Romantic with Love Romantic with Money Romantic with Life Romantic with ANYTHING… Just attune to a vublicarrent of ROMAN.CE

Vapor Nation Higher Life…

A “Blogger” daydreaming with her high reflection he is happened to be sitting in front of her in a hummock sending a silent words: “NAKED in the SUN, vaporing, with a bottle, daydreaming (actually writing for a first time), “VOICE of the Reflection who weaves Higher Life”… So Shall be.  Let me be the BLOGGER […]


uggg… I thought there is some words would like to step forward to describe my status, though is writing is my past? so does dancing and singing? I thought I used to be able to find myself in food which I enjoy thou now a days even eating does not sound excited. one hour per […]

a view point…

How many ways to view thru …? Does it relate to age which define our narrow point of view or is this simply what we are in custom to …? How could I change the way ? Or am I stuck the way I am? I was hiding and eating today at my work. A […]